Casengo WordPress plugin hugely popular

Emily  |

We’re ecstatic to announce thatthe Casengo Live Chat plugin for WordPress popup: truecrossed the 20,000 download mark in just 6 months.When we launched our all-in-one customer service app in December 2012, we knew for certain that Casengo was going to fill a huge gap in the SME market. We didn’t realize, however, that our star would rise quicker than ever thanks to thesuper simple Wordpress pluginwe released in February 2013 popup: true.

The Casengo WordPress plugin: the facts

Our WordPress plugin wasn’t downloaded 22,000 times (and counting) without any reason. This extension of Casengo’s online helpdesk application enables webshops and other SMEs to respond to customer queries - via live chat, email or social media messaging - through one universal inbox, increasing your online conversions by up to 30%. Not only does our WordPress plugin increase your productivity; you also get to catapult your conversions. Only when customers feel satisfied and happy with the service you provide, do they strengthen their relationship with your company. Casengo allows its customers to centralize all their customer-related correspondence in one place. Time saved for both you and your customers!
Backed up by your Casengo account and WordPress Live Chat plugin, you can manage all your customer interactions from one single inbox Casengo allows you to turn any email enquiry into a live chat conversation, view an entire dialogue in one timeline (irrespective of the communication mode) and get reports of your inquiries and resolution times. More cool Casengo stuff coming your way... With our WordPress plugin, we stepped into the market with the aim of providing the WordPress community with the best possible Live Chat plugin. And because we're a big believer in self-improvement and growth, you can look forward to better integration with forms and the Casengo self-service portal. We’ll be making more customisation options available to you in the forthcoming months. You’ll be able to change the colour, style and font of the Live Chat widget to get it completely in line with your business’ brand and messaging. We’ll also provide more advanced options like in-line and pro-active chat. Keep an eye on our blog for further updates!