Casengo Chrome plugin now available

Emily  |

One of the perks of working for a start-up company is how often you get to experience moments of exhilaration. I love being surprised; it happens to be a daily goal of mine. Not that I reach that goal daily, but hey. The point is: today, our team was surprised not once, but twice. 1) At 14:38,Thijs popup: true sends out an email with a screenshot accompanied by the legendary words: “Casengo now in Chrome Web Store.” Apparently, he’s been working on a Casengo app for Chrome without telling anyone about it. Turns out he did a great job: the new Chrome plugin, now free to download here popup: true (search for 'Casengo'), enriches Chrome with a super-bookmark of sorts (which is what a Google Chrome App is, if you think about it). Click on the Casengo icon, and Chrome will take you straight to your Casengo login page. Now that’s handy! We're working on more extensive Chrome features, such as browser bar notifications of incoming chat requests, and a little counter that tells you the number of new cases without you having to log in. Stay tuned.2) At 14:42,Peter Luit,a media workflow specialist based near Amsterdam, asks his Twitter followers to test Casengo on his website, (“thinking, sharing, acting”). Hethen links to a blog post about our software popup: true, amazing us with various great definitions of what we do. “One of the most striking features is the offline handling of chat requests. If there’s no-one around to answer a customer question by chat, the question is sent by email, whereupon the answer can also be given through email.” That’s hybrid messaging popup: trueright there, Peter!

Casengo users surprise us every day with lovely messages about our customer support application. We totally love that! Keep those tips & compliments coming, while we keep working to build the smartest service tool ever.