Email, Search and Mobile

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  • Searching for cases by email address will now match exactly and return all cases from that contact
  • Removed the Casengo morse code in the email template (--..--.--.--) and replaced it with "Reply above this line"
  • Fixed an error on the password reset page that did not send a reset email when requested
  • Improved reliability for emails sent from Yahoo

The Mobile App for iOS and Android are currently not functioning. Therefore we have pulled both applications from the app stores. Our apologies.

To make sure that you can access your Casengo on the go we improved the mobile view of the web application. Simply go to on your phone and you will be able to log in, get new conversations and reply to your customers.

Email notifications:
There are currently no native notifications. We highly suggest that you go to your Casengo Inbox from your desktop and enable email notifications. Make sure you forward them to an email address that is connected to a mobile application that has notifications like Gmail (highly suggested, immediate notifications). Every notification email has a link that takes your directly to the case on your phone so that you can reply.

Add to home screen:
You can add the Casengo inbox to your home screen by visiting the page on your phone and add it to your home screen via the share menu. This helps you to access Casengo faster.

Next version:
To suit your needs and extend our web based application to serve mobile users better, we'd like your feedback. Please visit and share your list of must have's so we can address them in future updates.