Facebook Messenger via Casengo: connect efficiently with customers

Emily  | 

If you want to be where your customers are, your company can’t hide from personal messaging. And with the introduction of the Casengo Connector, there’s no reason to miss out on your customers’ favorite channel: Facebook Messenger.

With Casengo’s software, companies have been able to resolve their customer’s questions in a structured and scalable way through case management functionalities for email, chat and WhatsApp. “Now that Facebook Messenger is quickly gaining in popularity, it’s a logical addition to our platform,” says Floris van der Veen, Chief Happy Customers at Casengo. “Not only is Messenger a more stable channel compared to WhatsApp, it also offers more possibilities for companies."

Embracing Facebook Messenger as a customer service channel comes with many benefits:

  • The open rate - the percentage of receivers that open the message - is a staggering 97% for Messenger. In comparison: for a good email campaign that’s only 23%.
  • Messenger has 1 billion users and is growing fast. In the first half of 2016, the number of active users increased by 100 million every 3 months. If this trend continues, all your customers will be on this channel in no time. So ask yourself: can you as a company afford not to be on this channel?
  • Users love personal messaging apps (and hence Facebook Messenger). But that love isn’t restricted to their family and friends: almost everybody (95%) who was in contact with a company through a personal messaging app would like to do this more often. And research also shows that 65% of consumers would love to be able to send messages with customers.
  • As opposed to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger has an open API that makes it easy to connect the platform to 3rd party software solutions. This stability makes Messenger a great customer service channel for companies with bigger customer service teams, who quickly run into the limits of the native applications.

With the Casengo connector for Facebook Messenger, companies (with or without multiple departments, brands or groups) can react to messages from email, chat, WhatsApp and - since today - Facebook Messenger from a team-inbox. In the upcoming months the Casengo team will continue to work on bulk message campaigns and chatbot functionalities to take Casengo’s customer engagement to the next level.