Mike Kaarsgaren

Customer Success

This young guy almost went to art school, but then didn’t. ‘I ended up going for management, economics and law, because I figured this study would increase my chances to get a decent job.’

And a decent job he did find! It’s Mike’s first time being directly involved with customers– but he says he loves it. Apart from helping our users out via email and chat, he assists Ron with various online marketing projects that will, he hopes, improve customer service worldwide. ‘I believe that customer service is slowly turning into a crucial differentiator. It’s good for both customers and companies.’

And how about art school? ‘I still love drawing. I use Japanse techniques like manga with a Rococo and Victorian touch. The more details, the better. I’d love to be as good as Thores Shibamoto, my biggest inspiration right now.’ Besides drawing, our creative wonder boy likes writing poetry. ‘My first collection should be released in 2015. I’m trying to push the boundaries of modern day poetry and come up something that has not been done before.’

Of course, music isn’t missing from the Mighty Mike Mix either: he writes his own guitar songs. ‘My taste is really diverse, from Balkan and Arabian sounds to power metal and avant-garde. I hope this shines through in my own records, where I try to combine multiple genres and styles.’ So if you ever get chatting with Mike, there’s plenty to talk about!

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