Floris van der Veen

Chief Happy Customers

‘Why on earth should small businesses not be allowed to use a great application for customer support, whilst the big boys are?’ That’s the question Floris asked his brother Thijs on October 3rd, 2011 (a rather dull Monday).

At the time, Floris and Thijs were working for Livecom, the company they founded in 2003. Livecom developed a customer support application aimed at large enterprises like Philips and Disney; it’s currently used in 27 countries. Floris fingers were itching; he was so ready for something new, something that would rock the world again.

They started brainstorming. ‘Good customer support isn’t just for big companies! That’s absurd.’ And: ‘In fact, smaller companies can make their mark by offering really amazing customer service.’ Thijs agreed. One year after their initial idea, they introduced Casengo in open beta. It was officially launched on 12-12-12, and is currently used by over 2.300 active users [currently: April 2014].

Floris loves the vibe of a start-up. He loves cycling to work on his white bike every morning, works late each working day, but also loves the weekend with his girlfriend and their two little girls.

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