Daniel Nyoto

King of Scrum

It’s the bigger picture that Casengo’s Scrum Master and Software Architect wants to see. To discover the meaning of life (and, while he’s at it, the purpose of the universe), Daniel likes to study science, ancient documents and spiritual stuff. Which brings us to customer service: Daniel sees human beings as essentially social beings, and good customer service promotes better social behaviour.

In Indonesia, Daniel’s home until 2012, customer service sucked big time. Though it’s getting better, it still pretty horrible: an Indonesian customer service representative usually lacks a human touch. It’s a voice that speaks like a robot, repeating the same phrases to every customer. It thrills Daniel to build software that helps companies to act genuine and be much more personal towards their customers.

Before Casengo, Daniel was a Senior Java Developer at Livecom (a customer software company for big businesses, also founded by Casengo’s Chief Happy Customer). He loved the idea of using the skills he’d acquired at Livecom to create software built specifically for small and medium sized businesses.

Daniel is trying to spend more time together with his wife and son, so he got rid of his television and smartphone at home. He wants to get rid of his computer too, but since his computer is pretty much his life during working hours, he’s still working on that one.

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