Ron van Valkengoed

Senior Marketing Fellow

Ron is mad about the Cloud. He loves talking about it, building a business around it, investing in it – if the Cloud were a holiday destination, Ron would have bought a cottage there. Instead, he was one of the first Casengo team members, joining the club (then based in an ugly part of Amsterdam) in October 2011.

It’s not only the virtual Cloud he’s fascinated by. Ron loves flying. He was 15 when he started gliding through the clouds, in one of those smooth glider planes. A couple of years later, he graduated in Aeronautical Engineering.

He also holds an MBA in International Business, which brought him to South Africa. In 1999, he did a project for EDS in Johannesburg, and before he knew it, he was leading enterprise mobility for EDS. In 2005, he became Managing Director at Ezwim, a leading cloud (!) provider of telecom expense management services.

Sexy story, right? Too late, ladies: Ron is happily married. He and his lovely wife have 2 adorable little boys.

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