Ivan Krumov

Senior Back-End Dude

Design, functionality, performance and testing – our Bulgarian developer deals with many different aspects of our application. This variety is exactly what Ivan loves about working for Casengo: it keeps things fresh and flexible.

More flexible and fresh than his fellow-countrymen, that’s for sure: in Ivan’s experience, most Bulgarians are ‘a bit conservative’. They usually underestimate the importance of effective and easy customer service, and are not very open to new channels and specialized tools. Thankfully, Ivan is different. ‘I like having the opportunity to help bridge the gap between businesses and their clients.’

Ivan came to the Netherlands 6 years ago to finish his bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences and Business Informatics, which didn’t come as a surprise to his friends and family back home. ‘I was building websites and individual projects back in high school. I moved here to increase my IT knowledge vastly, and really learn what opportunities are out there. Going abroad was a big and exciting step for me.’

If he’s not doing whatever it is that developer dudes do, Ivan enjoys watching funny or educational videos on YouTube, and reading about psychology and artificial intelligence. And he loves gaming – Dragon Age, The Walking Dead, you name it, Ivan plays it.

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