Historia Cliente feliz: Ikbenmama.nl

Ikbenmama.nl started off in 2006 as a one-woman business in a garage situated in the Dutch town of Huizen. Stephanie Lampe did everything herself back then. She initially used an ordinary email system to respond to messages. But as her turnover increased, more staff was required, the number of customer queries grew and intelligent software was needed.

Since most mothers are occupied with their babies and toddlers, most questions are asked by email. ‘Busy mums dislike phone calls,’ says Jeroen, Stephanie’s husband, who is responsible for development and marketing. ‘They prefer email, and expect a swift response.’

Ikbenmama.nl had just opted for Desk.com when Casengo came along. ‘In my opinion, the helpdesk ticketing system of Desk.com contained too many pointless features, but there was nothing else on the market. I was thrilled to discover that Casengo does not come with any unnecessary bells and whistles. It does exactly what it should do.’

Better team collaboration

It’s easy to offer outstanding service with Casengo, says Jeroen. ‘There are no complex components, half of which you don’t need. However, Casengo does allow you to use practical macros that help you work faster. It offers a good overview of cases yet to be handled, and powerful functions that stimulate internal cooperation. Such features make Casengo ideal for SMEs.’

Team collaboration is crucial for Ikbenmama.nl. ‘The moment we tested the collaboration features, we loved Casengo. Our team and the warehouse operate from various sites, internationally as well. This means that a customer case is often sent back and forth, which is perfectly possible with Casengo.’

New employees are now trained using Casengo, says Jeroen. ‘Casengo is the perfect training system for us. By adding notes to cases, our newbies to answer each customer query properly. Casengo allows us to grade up the quality of their responses very quickly.’

Quicker responses

The team inbox, in which all customer cases end up, ensures that all employees immediately know what still needs to be done. ‘Thanks to categories such as “Open”, “New” and “Pending”, everyone sees at a glance which customers are still waiting for a response. Casengo is well thought-out, and very simple to use.’

Customers can also choose to transform an email from Ikbenmama.nl into a chat session: each email concludes with a link to a chat window. ‘Customers who chat with us are often surprised at how easy and quick it is. That, too, is a major benefit of Casengo.’

Whether a customer chats or emails, doesn’t matter to the customer service representatives. ‘Chatting and emailing functions in the same way within the application. We can enjoy the benefits of chat without experiencing the drawbacks of a chat button. Basically, Casengo creates features we can truly use. It’s no wonder that our customers rate our service with a score of 9.3!’

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