Historia Cliente feliz: Gigantisch

Sylvester de Koning launched his first web store in 2004, and now has 8 of them in 3 countries. A great achievement, but it didn’t make his customer support easier. ‘Questions were pouring in on 9 different email addresses. Everyone had his own Outlook system, the team wasn’t connected,’ says Sylvester, who has 9 co-workers.

Gigantisch relies heavily on Google Adwords to get traffic. So when someone actually visits one of our web stores, Sylvester wants them to feel welcome and respected. ‘But they weren’t always. It took us too long to answer some questions, because there was no overview of pending emails.’

If, for instance, someone was working on a reply to a customer’s email, and hadn’t pressed ‘send’ yet, the others didn’t know. It happened that a customer got a different answer from 2 support people at Gigantisch. ‘Everyone was supposed to drag the “sent emails” to a folder that was visible to the whole team. But that wasn’t done consequently – which was driving me crazy. Our customer service wasn’t good enough.’

The end of email chaos

Now that Sylvester has been using Casengo for over 6 months, no more customer emails slip through the cracks. ‘We try to answer all open questions by the end of the day. And thanks to Casengo, we can.’ Even Sylvester’s developers, who were initially reluctant to switch, were impressed once they actually started using Casengo ‘They too knew that this application was going to boost productivity and customer satisfaction.’ The technical guys at Gigantisch also like the fact that Casengo links to their back office, making it easier for co-workers to complete customer profiles.

Live chat built for SMEs

Gigantisch’ web stores are all enriched with a Casengo live chat button. ‘Our customers love live chat. And we like it too, because it brings us a new type of potential customers. People whom we wouldn’t have met without the Casengo chat option, now feel safe enough to ask their question anonymously and directly.’

In the evening – in front of the television, with his laptop beside him – Sylvester doesn’t mind accepting an incoming chat request or two. ‘You get a different bunch of people asking questions, and some of them are better leads than you might imagine.’ He once got an online visitor who asked a single question through chat. No hello, no introductions. Just: “Do you guys deliver in France?”

Two weeks later, a truck filled with cupboards left for Paris. ‘Without the chat button, we probably wouldn’t have heard from him at all. He would have moved on, assuming we probably don’t do international deliveries. Since using Casengo, we get a whole new group of potential customers asking for more information. It’s great.’

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