Historia Cliente feliz: Easygenerator

Contact with customers – corporate or educational institutes keen on creating their own eLearning courses – is a top priority for easygenerator. The company’s business model makes good customer service absolutely crucial: customers can try the eLearning authoring software for a month free of charge.

This means that easygenerator has one month to turn one-time users into life-time fans. After all, they must want to become paying customers. To make that happen, easygenerator holds its customers dear, whether they pay (yet) or not. They should truly feel that easygenerator appreciates the faith they have in the product.

And yet it took CEO Kasper Spiro ages to find the right software to support easygenerator’s customers. Being part of ISM – a company with primarily large and medium-sized customers – he was advised to use the same, complex CRM system as ISM did: Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ‘I got an hour and a half of training and ended up with a whole list of tasks to make it work for us. That’s not what I was waiting for.’

Gain and retain customers

When Kasper heard of Casengo, a cloud-based application developed by a young team in Amsterdam, he was glad to give it a try. ‘I liked the clear and simple interface right away, and the agents were enthusiastic from day one. It’s immediately clear what Casengo’s intentions are. Very well done.’

Casengo wants its users to gain and retain more happy customers – which wasn’t exactly what easygenerator’s 4 customer service agents were doing back in the Outlook days. ‘It was getting increasingly difficult to manage the constant influx of emails. That tension disappeared as soon as we started using Casengo.’

It’s not that Casengo distributes cases automatically – you still have to do that yourself. But the application helps you see at a glance which customers are still waiting for an answer. ‘Casengo makes it very easy to assign a case to a particular agent. And that’s very relevant to us: we all have different areas of expertise.’

Cloud-based and mobile-friendly

Kasper, who still personally answers customer emails regularly, doesn’t use the live chat option himself yet. ‘But our other agents use it all the time. It allows them to communicate in a personal way without the hassle of organizing phone calls. And they love switching from email to chat, and they tell me it’s ideal to effortlessly bridge the gap between both channels.’

Kasper’s personal favourite, however, is that Casengo is cloud-based and mobile-friendly. ‘I’ll be travelling to the United States next week. A great opportunity to respond to our American customers on the go, without a time zone difference.’

The Facebook integration is also an appreciated feature. ‘We’re not very active on Facebook, but thanks to Casengo, we can rest assured that we don’t miss any posts or comments on our Page. That’s what Casengo is all about: sit back and relax. Don’t worry, you’re okay. You’re back in control of your customer support.’

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