Historia Cliente feliz: Chilly

For many years, Renate Hansler handled all emails from Chilly’s customers herself. She used an Outlook-like program that had not been developed specifically for retailers. ‘But you know how it goes: I was familiar with the program and had no time to look for something else.’

Chilly’s mailbox really became chaotic when the web store, launched in 2011, started taking off. ‘I lost our overview very quickly as more and more emails started pouring in. I misplaced emails and could not see at a glance which customers were still waiting for a reply. It was a makeshift solution.’

Eighteen months after the web store’s launch, Ruud, Chilly’s technical man and Renate’s husband, came across the Casengo team at an e-commerce exhibition. ‘Both Ruud and I knew that getting smart customer service software such as Casengo was the right thing to do, but in my opinion, switching to a different email system was too much hassle. So much to do, so little time!’

Simple and user-friendly

But Ruud immediately saw that Casengo was a perfect match for Chilly, and persevered. ‘He sat me down and told me to think this through. It was clear to me that our existing email program couldn’t keep up with Chilly’s rapid growth. The decision followed automatically. You can start using Casengo straight out of the box; you do not really need to learn how to use it.’

And if Renate did not understand something right away, she called Joppe at Casengo. ‘We can communicate in my mother tongue – Dutch – which I really love. We had already looked at competing providers of customer support software, but never truly considered purchasing from them. All those technical terms in English… It wasn’t made for us.’

The Casengo team is always happy to assist its users, which Renate appreciates immensely. ‘At Casengo I get the impression that I’m being listened to, which is something I rarely come across. That is the type of service Chilly also aspires to provide. Since we started ‘Casengoing’ – it’s become an actual verb here – the speed of our responses has earned us numerous compliments.’

No more chaos

Renate hired her first two customer service representatives a few months after implementing Casengo. They have never known Chilly without Casengo. ‘Every day at 9am, one of us pops the question: “Who is going to ‘Casengo’ today?” And at 5:00 p.m. someone says: “Is ‘the Casengo’ under control?”’ It’s as if they’ve never done otherwise.’

Casengo has also proven to be the perfect tool for teaching new colleagues more about the company quickly. ‘If I’m working from home I can guide my new co-workers easily by checking the application. A gentle nudge about intonation here, and a response to a memo there. Big sister is watching you, until you’ve been trained.’

Customer service at Chilly is seamless now, and the company’s turnover continues to increase. ‘Casengo has helped us grow faster. Thanks to this application, we can focus on what truly matters: assisting our customers. Calm prevails within our mailbox. We’ve got the overview back.’

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