Sylvester and his team were doing their very best to manage emails from 9 different addresses, with nothing but Microsoft Outlook. ‘But it was driving us crazy. Since we started using Casengo, we can reply to all customer questions within a day.’

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Kasper tried hard to understand the inner workings of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but the software was too complex for his needs. ‘I liked Casengo’s clear and simple interface right away, and our customer support people were enthusiastic from day one.’

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Renate had been using a standard, Outlook-like program for years. As her business grew, she lost the overview of customer emails. ‘Casengo has helped us grow faster. Thanks to this application, we can focus on what truly matters: assisting our customers.’

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"Conseguimos nuestro servicio al cliente ordenadas según el día que empezamos a utilizar Casengo para administrar correos electrónicos y mensajes de medios de comunicación social."

Kasper Spiro

Alain started using Casengo after getting a customer complaint about not having replied to yet another email. ‘As soon as I switched to Casengo, I received compliment after compliment about my “super-fast service”.’

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Jeroen had just opted for when Casengo was launched. ‘ contained too many pointless features. I was thrilled to discover that Casengo does not come with any unnecessary bells and whistles. It does exactly what it should do.'

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"La primera vez que probamos las funciones de colaboración, nos quedamos enganchados. Nuestro equipo de soporte y almacén trabajo desde diferentes lugares, con casos Casengo puede ser fácilmente asignados a los compañeros de trabajo."

Jeroen Lampe

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