Welcome, Naveen!

Emily  | 

The Casengo family just keeps on growing... Today, we’d like to welcome Naveen Gopi as our newest member. Naveen’s life at the moment is as sparkling as a car straight from the factory. Not only is he getting used to a new employer, but also to a new country and a new city. And as soon as he gets settled, we’ll be moving to a new office - just to help him keep that delicious ‘new car smell’ a little longer. As a wee child, Naveen begged his father for the first Pentium computer, and he hasn’t looked back since. With a degree in Information Technology from Cochin University and nearly seven years experience in the business, he’s still in love with Java and coding. Naveen joins us from MindTree in Bangalore, where he worked on some big projects for international companies such as TomTom. He’s a keen blogger (check out Scattered Autopsy - Life of a software developer) and devotes his spare time to raising awareness for children in India without access to cancer treatment. If you ever want to talk code or share your passion for a worthy cause, you might catch Naveen at Coco’s Outback Bar in central Amsterdam. Though they take pride in their ‘lousy food and warm beer’, Naveen can confirm the ribs there are the best in town. Here’s a funny bit of trivia: Naveen’s favourite film is We Bought a Zoo.
Hmm, zoo... You’re right! That does sound a little like Casengo! It’s all becoming clear now. It’s incredible!