Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Emily  |
With all the hustle and bustle of our first exhibition two weeks ago popup: trueand the many new signups that followed last week, we almost forgot to share something newsworthy with you guys. Twinkle popup: true, Holland’s major trade journal for web shop owners, devoted two whole pages to Casengo in its January edition! One of Twinkle's fine journalists interviewed Vincent van Daalen, founder of popup: true. Vincent was asked how his web shop (and physical store), specialized in sustainable energy products, achieves efficient customer support... Guess what: Vincent told Twinkle that his web shop has become much better at customer support since using Casengo popup: true. Yeah, now you’ve heard it from someone else!A couple of quotes:> ‘(Casengo is) a standard solution that’s really easy to use and for which you pay an accessible fixed fee per user.’ ‘I wanted to chat with customers in a simple manner, without any unnecessary bells and whistles.’ ‘I am especially pleased with the possibility to get back to the customer later on. We often deal with peaks in online visitor interaction, risking to miss some potential customers. Thanks to (Casengo’s hybrid messaging functionality) we don’t risk missing them anymore.’

The article also shows a snapshot of Vincent in summer shorts, one arm thrown around a big white bear. The bear’s shirt says: WE NEED SOLAR. Next to his picture, our own founder is portrayed. Floris' shirt doesn’t say anything, but his smile says: WE NEED CUSTOMERS LIKE YOU, VINCENT! So thanks for the thumbs up, popup: true! We wish you lots of solar, and many more happy customers…