The SME alternative to traditional live chat

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Live chat has become an indispensable communication channel for larger webshops. Rightly so: who wouldn’t like to provide his online visitors with fast answers, leading to more conversion? Most smaller webshop owners also like the idea of chat,but handling traditional live chat is a bit of a nuisance if you don't have the budget for a dedicated chat representative, or the time to accept all chat requests yourself. So should small webshop owners just give up on the idea of live chat? Of course not. Traditional live chat is not the only option anymore. SMEs can wholeheartedly embrace a manageable and effective customer support system: Casengo popup: true.

Taking care of live chat - all by yourself

Casengo is a social customer support software that works in the cloud. It’s the only app you’ll ever need to support your customers anywhere. Casengo provides you with hybrid messaging by combining the best elements of email and chat, helping you track your customer cases across different channels. Even if you’re a one-man team, the power of hybrid messaging will let you perform all your live chat duties without any extra hands. All communication between you and your client will be done instantly (in real time, just like chat) when both of you are online. When you go offline, you continue the conversation via email. Read more about hybrid messaging here popup: true - and get some tips on how to use live chat here popup: true! Along with hybrid messaging, Casengo helps SMEs build a knowledge base on their website. Fill this dynamic knowledge base with questions your customers ask frequently – plus the answers to these questions – to provide them with the wonderful option of self-service. Self-service not only saves them time – but you, too.
The power of the universal inbox Another feature that makes Casengo’s live chat the ideal option for SMEs is Casengo’s universal inbox. Hunting down customer queries on different platforms is difficult; responding to them through the same platform is even harder. But Casengo’s universal inbox makes all of this possible – and easy.We provide you with a single platform to manage all of your customers’ needs, even if they get in touch through Facebook. You don’t need to sign in (and out, and in again) from different email or social networking websites. Traditional live chat is out, Casengo’s live chat is in. Sign up now popup: true to discover how you can get more happy customers!