The secret to creating shareable content on social media

Emily  | 

Your company's Facebook Page features inspiring posts, your Pinterest account is stunning,your tweets show off both your humour and your intelligence... You rule on social media!

And yet you don't. The stuff you come up with is staying put. Hardly any shares, and not as many likes as you’d, uh, like. What happened to ‘if you post it, they will share’?

Sadly, creating shareable content isn’t a matter of simply following a recipe or a formula. But ad agency Ogilvy & Mather have put together a handy infographic which includes all the elements you need. By mixing and matching them to suit your SME’s offering, you can come up with fabulously shareable material – and the power of social media will take it from there.

Here’s a closer look at 4 important ingredients which will get people clicking.

  1. Know your social media audience