The 5 fastest-growing customer service trends

Emily  |
It’s difficult to keep up with trends, and yet it’s a must. Remember our customer service resolutions at the start of this year? It’s high time for a refresher. If you don’t stay abreast in today’s competitive world, you’ll sink fast. And that goes for anybody, whether specializing in fashion, toys or customer service software. We at Casengo are committed to bringing our customers the best of social CRM. We keep an eye out for all the latest customer service trends, so you don’t have to. Let’s see how our very own tool responds to today’s 5 fastest-growing customer service trends.

1. Proactive customer service
Customer service software has evolved from being a static operation to being an interactive and proactive tool. It’s all about catering to clients’ needs and not doing your CRM in bulk. Each of your customers needs to feel your support and your attention. His queries should be answered promptly and through the very channel he used himself when contacting you. CASENGO With our universal inbox feature, SMEs can respond to all customer service queries from within one application, organizing everything properly for future considerations. You will know at a glance which customer is still waiting for an answer. Even if he reacted through Facebook, you can respond right away from within Casengo!

2. Self-service Having a self-service knowledge base on your website not only gives your customer service reps a little room for breathing, but also makes it very easy for your customers to find what they are looking for on their own, without anybody’s help. ***CASENGO* Setting up a good knowledge base for your website may sound daunting, but it isn’t when using Casengo. Especially for WordPress users: we offer a free self-service plugin for WordPress, which allows you to add your own categories and FAQ articles in a snap. Casengo helps you to provide your customers with a self-service portal that matches your website perfectly.

**3. Acting upon customer feedback To be the best at anything requires rigorous hard work and improvement. And in the world of online customer service – our business – who could give you more insightful feedback than your own customers? Listening and acting upon customer feedback is key for great customer service!**CASENGO As a young company, we’re all about self-improvement and continuous development. We said it last year, when we were still working hard on the basics of our customer service software: customer feedback should be at the forefront of product development. Our in-app feedback function illustrates we welcome all customer feedback. (Check out our release updates here, often inspired by our happy customers.)

4. Maximum simplicity Ease and comfort are two of the main things that customers are looking for these days. Not everybody is tech smart, and if you put a difficult product in front of them they’ll just be turned off and will move onto your competitors for their needs. ***CASENGO* Simplicity is precisely what our customer service tool is all about. It’s one of the reasons our live chat plugin for WordPress is hugely popular. The way we blend email with chat is revolutionary in its simplicity.

5. Universal inbox By now, we all know about the multichannel customer service approach: most customer service tools can handle enquiries via email, chat, phone etc. But not many tools manage to seamlessly merge all channels into one inbox. As a consequence, customers and service reps still find themselves on different wavelengths. High time for a universal inbox! CASENGO Our customer service software allows its users to centralize all their customer-related conversations in one inbox. This saves time - both for you and your customers. Read about our 4 benefits here.Or try it now - it's free!