Release update: new notification features, and more

Emily  |
We’ve been updating our ‘Mercury’ software, released on October 3rd, bi-weekly. With today’s release we thought it was time to reflect on the changes of the past month. If you’re not using these features already, check them out below.

The updates: - Better mobile management. Casengo has been optimised for smartphones and tablet customer support. Check out our interface enhancements - got to via your smartphone or tablet. - Email notification for new and updated cases. You can now choose to be notified via email when a new case lands in your inbox, when a customer has responded to an existing case, and/or when another agent has updated a case assigned to you. You can activate this option by clicking on the new ‘Agent Settings’ link in the Agent app. - Personalized greeting in chat mode. You can now edit the greeting your customers see when starting a chat conversation. Personalize your chat widget now - let your imagination run wild. - Personalized chat or contact button. You can now edit the colour, style and label of your chat or contact button, to more accurately reflect the style of the webpage. Pretty pink, anyone? - URL shortcut to any case. Involve other colleagues who are not necessarily logged in: cases can now be accessed through a specific URL. - Additional customer information. You can now see a contact’s company name in the inbox. - Password reset. You can now request a password reset from the login screen. - Restore deleted cases. Just choose the ‘restore’ action and the case finds its way back in the agent inbox. - New cases in bold type. When we first went live, it was a little difficult to distinguish existing cases from new ones. Not anymore! All new cases are now in eye-catching bold font, so you can’t miss them. - Mark a case as unread.

No explanation required. - Easier to identify cases being worked on. If an agent has a case open, that case will have a ‘lock’ symbol beside it in the inbox overview. This way, other agents can see it is being worked on, and by whom. Stay tuned for more feature enhancements, and don’t hesitate to send us your feature suggestions or bug alerts via the ‘feedback’ link in The Casengo application. Help us turn Casengo into world’s smartest customer support app! Thank you!