Release update: awesome customization, and more

Emily  |
We’ve been busy at Casengo HQ, and today you get to unpack a couple of really cool presents. This release update informs you about important new features –just in time for the busy season.

Customize each comma and button

We’ve got great news about customization, and Casengo users with (web)shops in various languages and/or countries will be particularly thrilled about this new feature. You can now set the language for the various chat buttons you implement on your websites or webshops. You knew Casengo was already speaking English, Dutch and German, right? Now we speak all the languages in the world!
And yes, that means you can now also edit the various system messages your customers get to see. A posh enterprise might, for instance, not wish to greet its online visitors with a line such as: “Hi, give us a second and one of us will answer you shortly…” Basically, Casengo now lets you customize each text, each field name, each button as seen by your customer.

Invite your co-workers faster than ever

Not sure about what to do with a customer case? Inviting co-workers via email just became easier. Casengo now supports autosuggest (aka autocomplete).It’s a very smart form of autosuggest, too: Indeed, when you start entering a co-worker’s email address (say, you don’t only get to see all of the Eddys, Ellens and Emilys you’ve ever emailed to – but you’ll see Emily waiting on top of the list if you email her more often than your other co-workers. Casengo will learn from your behaviour and start showing exactly what you want to see. Also, the way in which the email to your co-worker is set up, is more logical than before. The email includes the customer case with the most recent email or chat messages on top, and if the case contains more than 3 email or chat messages, they will each be trimmed down to 250 visible characters. As a little extra, the email to your co-worker now includes a link that leads to the case within The Casengo application. When this link is clicked on, The Casengo application opens up with the right case in view. Casengo’s stability got improved again. And we fixed some rare erroneous session problems, and little bugs like the one that caused white empty space to appear after closing a case. All of that is history.

Enjoy our improved speed of email messaging

By the way, did you notice how fast Casengo now sends and receives email messages? High five!