“Reeling in the bigger fish” Inside Casengo #6

Emily  | 

Davey Martowidjojo (1985), Casengo’s Lead Account Manager, is a bit of a football addict. “If I’m not playing football, I’m either watching it or talking about it.” He supports a Dutch team, which he’d rather not disclose, and Barcelona for international games. He admires the skill of the Spanish powerhouse, but he’s not immune to favouring the underdog (his local Dutch team). You could draw a parallel with his work at Casengo, which, as a startup, is still the underdog against more established software available. But Davey doesn’t see that as too much of an obstacle. “There is a challenge to create trust with enterprise clients because there’s no company history to fall back on, but people respond to the retro style of the brand, and they’re very positive about the application. The core features are there to connect enterprise customers and push Casengo to a higher level. Our company is such a happy, upcoming one!” Reeling in the bigger fish, that’s what makes Davey tick. “Each signup is a win, but there’s a real challenge to convince those larger companies, with strict purchasing protocols, that Casengo’s unique features can give them a competitive advantage. Whenever I connect a well-known brand, I get a wonderful adrenaline rush.” Davey is sure the upcoming collaboration enhancements will make an impact, what with more enterprise clients attempting to improve efficiency and reduce support costs through knowledge sharing. “Knowledge sharing is very important for bigger companies, ” he said. He gets a lot of input from meetings with clients and prospects which, he happily says, makes it to the CEO’s ears. “Working for a startup means every idea is heard, and every individual can play a part. There’s not a lot of the protocols you get with big business - it’s just far more flexible.” For Davey, this is a definite plus for the job, along with meeting people and demonstrating the product. When he’s not at work you may might find Davey at an Amsterdam bar. “Great for networking.” Cheers, Davey!