Meet Jolanda (16) from the future

Emily  | 

At Casengo HQ, we like to think we’re building the future of customer support. So when the future came knocking on our door, we swung it right open and welcomed... Jolanda. Schoolgirl Jolanda from Monnickendam (a fishermen's village) was looking for a company to let her spend her 'work experience week' in. “The point of this week is that I get to know a work environment that has something to do with what I have in mind for my future,” she explained in one of her emails. “This will help me to consider if this kind of career will suit me.” Heck, we couldn't say no to that, could we? We felt like a couple of wise doctors! We'd allow this eager teenager to discover what a fine art it is that we are blessed to practice every day. “Casengo sounds like an interesting company, and I would like to find out how Casengo uses social media to connect with its customers.”

What will the future bring?

We said yes, and didn't think more of it. Until a week before December 9th, which was to be her first day. What would we do with the kid? We're not the kind of people you bring coffee to - we get our Nespresso ourselves. Sure, we needed someone to do the dishes, but that someone would certainly not be a schoolgirl who was doing her utmost to find out more about her professional destiny! We’re more responsible than that, aren’t we? "My profile is CM, which stands for Culture and Society. I am fluent in Dutch and English and I don’t mind working in either language." Theoretically, we could let her answer our customers’ questions by phone or by chat. But one week! By the time she'd know the answer to enough support questions, her work experience week would be over and she'd be gone. So here’s the deal. Jolanda will decorate our Christmas tree. Jolanda will write at least two blog posts for us. In the first one, she’ll teach us oldtimers how she communicates with her peers and other people. In the second one, she’ll zoom in customer support. What does the future of customer support look like through those greenish, sixteen-year-old eyes? After all, she is the future. *Read Jolanda's trilogy here: - Part 1, about WhatsApp and Facebook Messaging. - Part 2, about Snapchat and other social media.* - Part 3, a teenage view on online retail in 2018.