Introducing Casengo’s newest team member: Dadepo!

Emily  |
Our newest recruit, Dadepo Adaremi, got a baptism of fire: he joined Casengo just a week before moving into public beta. Yet he took it all in his stride. In no time he was cruising the app and fixing the bugs - fighting the fire like a senior! Partly thanks to him, Casengo’s launch on Wednesday was a smooth success. We can confidently say that Nigerian-born Dadepo passed his initiation with flying colours.

It was, indeed, the challenge of a startup - its pace, its diversity - that drew Dadepo to Casengo in the first place. “Things don’t move as fast in more traditional companies, and I’m under the impression that bureaucracy impedes development. At Casengo, I can work on projects I can see grow, which is really motivating to me.” Dadepo will focus on the application’s front-end development, but his full stack programming experience will be a valuable asset. His generalist approach can be attributed to his IT journey from an undergrad to today. Despite earning a degree in Engineering Physics from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife, Dadepo pursued IT as a career. “I tinkered with coding in university, developing my skills when I was a volunteer with AIESEC, a youth organization that started paying me upon graduation.” Several roles and years later, Dadepo - responsible for AIESEC’s Global Information Technology - found himself in Rotterdam. And here he is now, at Casengo, experiencing the best Amsterdam has to offer. “The bicycle culture of the Netherlands certainly was a shock to my system. But after a year I am fully integrated into the culture.” Aside from learning Dutch bicycle etiquette, Dadepo is learning more about Java Script language - which he describes as a beast of its own. When he’s not writing code, he’s writing poetry. Yes, sir: high literature! His volume of verse, Tunes of Love, is on sale in the Kindle Store for just over $5.
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