Infographic: online stores in the Netherlands

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A couple of us spent the last few months working hard on the first Casengo Webwinkel Monitor. Mike, Thijs and Ron analysed online information of 59,320 Dutch web stores and came up with quite a few surprising conclusions...

For those of you whose Dutch is not up to scratch, here's a quick translation of the infographic below:

  • The number of online stores in the Netherlands grew with 31% in 2013 (as opposed to 2012). In 2015, there will probably be more online than offline shops.
  • The products that are sold most often online are clothes, jewellery, wine, toys and shoes.
  • The provinces that have the highest unemployment rate also happen to be the provinces with the most online stores (related to the number of inhabitants, so not in absolute figures).
  • In absolute figures, most online stores are managed from big cities like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam.
  • Only one in two customer compliments get a reaction. If customers send a negative email, however, half of them get a response within 30 minutes.
  • Social media, especially Facebook, is quite important to online stores in the Netherlands. 8 in 10 online stores has a Facebook Page, used for commercial purposes, customer support, community building and brand promotion.

Download the full updated Monitor in Dutch to get all the details.

And if you'd like to use a part of the infographic, you can download them here.

Infographic online stores netherlands 2014