“Exploring new areas” Inside Casengo #4

Emily  | 

Daniel Nyoto (1983) is Casengo’s system architect and current Scrum Master. He is the ‘Sensei’, paving the way for more happy customers. The developers follow his lead; a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly. “It’s important to look at our progress in retrospect. There’s always something that can be improved. And part of my job is to come up with those strategies that will improve each iteration.” Daniel very clearly has his eye on the ball. “My focus is very much on the architecture of the application, ensuring the framework is scalable and developed in such a way that the team can efficiently and fluidly build on these foundations.” His efforts are invisible to the naked eye. Logging in to the application, you won’t see a single feature that he’s built - yet his influence permeates the product. “The back-end code must support functionality, reliability, usability and performance targets . Now that I’m leading more of the development initiatives, that’s what I’m focusing on.” The transition from a hands-on developer to ‘Sensei’ has been a welcome challenge for Daniel. “To develop the team, I’ve had to develop my people skills.” But, according to Daniel, this is all part of the startup environment. “It’s all about exploring new areas. Casengo is very dynamic and fast-changing, with lots of possibilities.” Outside of work, Daniel switches from the fast lane of Casengo to the much slower lane of ‘home’. This self-confessed homebody likes nothing more than lounging around with his family, especially during winter. His ‘band days’ may be fewer and far between, but Daniel still likes to play guitar and bass when he gets a chance. Not surprisingly, his favourite genre is jazz.