7 best blog posts of 2012

Emily  | 

Happy New Year! To celebrate 2013, we took a minute to look back upon the past year. We started our blog in March and are happy to report a steadily growing stream of readers. Which posts did you enjoy most? The stats* suggest these 7 articles struck the right tone. They might just inspire you again in 2013!

1. Why customer service should be a part of your marketing department Find out why your marketing team needs to work with your customer service department.

2.5 habits of the successful small business owner Which 5 habits should your customer service stand by?

3. Delivering online customer service like a 5-star hotel How online retailers canimpart a five-star impression every single day.

4. Traditional call centres: no longer a customer’s lifeline A post about thedefinite movement away from the traditional call centre.

5. 10 customer service quotes to live by What Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and 8 other wise men (no women, unfortunately) said about customer service.

6. Time for small businesses to rethink live chat It's all about managing the customer's journey!

7. Be the Bruce Springsteen of customer engagement Become The Boss by listening to these Seven Songs of Customer Engagement. *This list is based on accumulated view statistics for blog articles posted oncasengo.com/blog, customerthink.com popup: trueandbusiness2community.com popup: true.