Product update

Start a WhatsApp conversation


  • You can now start a WhatsApp conversation with a new contact. This means you can start the conversation without having to get a message from the contact first.

  • You can now use the 'c' keyboard shortcut to create a new case and '/' (forward slash) to start searching.

  • The last used outbound mailbox and WhatsApp channel will be selected when creating the next case.


  • WhatsApp contact names are now added to the contact details when a new WhatsApp conversation starts.
  • We improved the way draft messages are stored to improve performance and reliability. (we recommend you use the latest version of Chrome).
  • We increased the height of the compose area for forwarding messages and cases so that you can easily see everything you're about to forward.
  • We increased the speed of previewing messages in the inbox and case view. You can now easily read messages from the inbox and related cases from the case view.


  • We fixed an issue where links were not working in plain mode.
  • We fixed an issue where load more would automatically scroll down after clicking it.

Paste tables

You can paste all kinds of tables and lists in to your email when Rich text view is enabled.

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