Davy van de Haar

Customer Fan

Our team has quite a few entrepreneurs, and this guy is one of them. In October 2011, Davy founded BeLikeUs with a friend, right after graduating as a Communication Scientist (whatever that may be). ‘We know everything about user-friendly and effective innovations and technologies. Companies hire BeLikeUs to select the ones that are just the thing for them.’

That’s how Davy got to know Casengo. ‘We wanted to speed up and smarten up our customer support team. Casengo did just that; we use it all the time.’ To learn more about the fascinating subject of customer support, he actually starting working for Casengo. He’s our so-called new businesses developer.

Davy is the link between our team and our users, a role he takes very seriously indeed. To Davy, leading the support team is an honour. ‘I find it totally bizarre that companies don’t use the tools available to them to deliver better customer service. Many companies seem afraid to actually improve their customer service. To me, it’s simple: Casengo must excel in customer service.’

And thanks to Davy, it does.

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