Why plain old customer service is 100% old-fashioned

Kelly  | 

All too often, working as a customer service rep is like spending time on an assembly line. It’s a factory-like procedure, focused on closing as many cases as fast as possible, for the sole purpose of moving on to the next one. If that’s customer service for you, read on.

Customer experience can boost - or break - your business

Customer experience starts with customer service. Companies offering service to their customers just because, well, they have to, are doing it all wrong. Their solutions are generic, their responses feel scripted, and their customers feel like ticket numbers.

You can imagine that in this mindset, customers don’t experience the service offered to them as exceptional. If you missed the golden opportunity of creating lasting relationships, they’ll just go to a competitor next time. Why wouldn’t they?

Great customer service: the first step to loyal customers

Each instance of customer service presents a powerful moment of truth, in which your company can create a real personal bond with a customer, perhaps even turning him or her into a brand ambassador for life. After all, how your customers feel about you will be the tipping point for them to pick between you and your competitors in the future.

It’s time to reconsider the jobs that customer service reps practise. Sure, they can solve problems - but they can do so much more! Give them the freedom and the flexibility to create relationships with the people they’re helping out. Let them truly connect with your customers, and listen to what they have to say.

Easier said than done, right? Wrong! The adjustments needed to apply this are only in the mindset of your customer care staff. They should be inspired. And you are the one to do that. You should convince them of the fact that every touch point with customers is a chance to bring them closer to the company.

The direct, unsolicited connection with your customers is your best-selling point. Not to mention the best place to get feedback. Your customers are the engine behind continuous improvement. Talking to them is where your biggest marketing efforts and brand building activities can have the most benefits.

Change starts with you, not your customer service reps

When your customer service team understands what it means to make customers feel like part of the family, they will act accordingly, talk accordingly, and do their very best. But change does start from the top. And that’s you.

If you want to stand out, you must be outstanding. And the best way to stand out from competition by treating customers exceptionally well. So move from the traditional customer service mould towards a more powerful customer experience model. Customer experience is what makes customers come back. Your business’ growth depends on it.