Webshops still using inefficient email software: read this

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I just got off the phone with one of our happiest customers, Renate Hansler. She ownsChilly: 3 very successful lingerie shops in the lovely town of Hilversum, plus a great webshop. Renate and her dedicated team have been using Casengo intensively for over half a year now. One of the things she told me (and I’m quoting here): ‘I don’t know how we ever managed without it. Seriously: we wouldn’t have grown so fast without Casengo.’ You’ll hear more about Renate’s experiences as soon as I finish the reference case I’m writing up on her. What I’d like to point out in this post, though, is the way she felt before discovering our customer support tool. What was it like for this particular webshop owner to switch from her “old” email system to Casengo?

Webshop owners have so much to do in so little time

If I'd have to describe Renate as a businesswoman in one word, it would be busy. ‘I used to run Chilly’s customer service pretty much on my own, using simple webmail software called Roundcube,’ she recalls. Roundcube is just as basic as Outlook or Gmail. ‘I managed – but only barely. And as soon as the webshop started attracting a steady customer flow, things were getting out of hand. Retrieving specific emails was a nightmare, and I really missed an overview.’ When Ruud, Renate’s husband (the technical guy at Chilly –and so much more), said they couldn’t go on like that, she knew he was right. ‘But I wasn’t looking forward to change. There’s always so much stuff to be done, you know? I hated the idea of losing time getting used to a new email system.’ Ruud played around with Casengo for a couple of hours and almost forced Renate to start using it. ‘I then allowed myself a moment’s rest. I had to sit down for half an hour, get used to the idea,welcome change rather than fighting it.’ It turns out that by accepting this change, she had removed the only obstacle from the path to more happy customers. From a familiar to an efficient customer support tool Once Renate was ready to let go of her inefficient but so wonderfully familiar email software, she was on a roll. ‘I didn’t actually have to learn how to use Casengo; getting used to it was really easy. It was up and running right away.’ Only a few months after getting started with Casengo, Renate hired two pairs of hands to help her out with Chilly’s customer service. These young women took to Casengo right away. ‘It’s now an actual verb at Chilly. Every morning we ask: “Who’s going to Casengo today?” And we end the day with: “How’s ‘the’ Casengo going? Everything under control?” Usually the answer is affirmative, allowing us to go home feeling we're in control.’ Casengo allows webshop owners to focus on their customers Chilly gets loads of customer compliments about the wonderful service, Renate says proudly. ‘That’s because Casengo helps us to know what's going on. We look at our inbox, and we know at one glance. The time we used to spend on getting our email mess organized each day, is now spent on what we love most: making our customers happy. And that’s because we use Casengo. That’s not an exaggeration or anything; it’s just how it is.’ So here’s a plea to all webshop owners: do yourself a favour. Are you struggling like Renate was? And do you know, deep down, that your email system could be much more efficient? Don’t be weary of positive change;give Casengo a go. Before you know it, you’ll be happier, your customers will be happier – and you’ll find yourself welcoming more happy customers than ever before.