’Twas the Week Before Christmas

Emily  | 

casengo.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Xmas-image.jpg.jpgTo celebrate this year’s holiday season - hopefully blessed with massive online sales - we bring you a customer service twist on 'Twas the Night before Christmas,
the classic poem by Clement Moore. No sugarplums dancing in children's head here, and no miniature sleighs or tiny reindeer either, but instead: customer questions of size and colour coming thick and fast, so respond via live chat, lest you be the last! 'Twas the Week Before Christmas**’Twas the week before Christmas, when all ’round the web, Sales tick’d over, and not once did they ebb. Paypal ran hot, as much as shoppers would dare In the hope that by Christmas the spoils would be there.Retailers watch’d the orders with glee, Knowing this year’s sales would increase times three. “What’s that,” you ask, “how could that be?” ’Tis the beauty of live chat and shipping for free!“Wait!” you cry out, “something’s the matter...” We offer neither the former and definitely not the latter.Get with our program, quick as a flash, Else your belov’d webshop won’t ever make cash.Competitors are fierce, customers demanding, Let your support go idle and you just won’t be standing. Questions of size or colour will come thick and fast, Respond via live chat, lest you be the last!For the poor wooden spoon will be pipp’d at the sale, By offers of discounts and posters of Christian Bale. Even better is he who emails his patrons, With links to his finest gift recommendations.See the mouse click, adding not one but three items to the cart, Ooh, and five payment options, now that was very smart. But Johnny order’d the wrong size and is all a-fluster, ’Till he tweets for help - now there’s a clever customer. In no time at all another size is sent north, To be found under the tree before the 24th.Corporate gift requests flurry in through email: “We want gifts that say thanks, all in the detail.” Email is inefficient, and calling too much to ask, But with hybrid messaging these corporate types can multi-task!Straight from the email we commence a live chat: “Bravo for the suggestions, I like this and that.” Without email ping-pong, or way too much time, The order is confirmed, right down to the dime.So thank you, dear Santa, for this smart, single app,** To handle email, social media - and especially live chat.UDU7D7KWAZXG