Transcripts, email improvements and bug fixes

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  • You can now send conversation transcripts to one or more contacts. Send Transcript makes it easy to send customers the full history of the conversation. Only messages send and received by the customer are included. If you want to invite a third-party to assist, make sure you use the Invite Collaborator option.


  • Improved forwarding a case or message by adding the email signature in the email.
  • Improved quick replies by adding the option to select how many quick replies you see.
  • Improved quick replies by added the option to preview quick replies.
  • Improved how emails thread on the client side (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Live). Each email now goes in to the conversation thread. This way the customer can read the full history.
  • Improved the default mailbox setting by setting the reply-to address as the default for contacts.
  • Improved the WhatsApp workflow by removing the alert question for leaving the case.
  • Improved the label selector where the first label will be always selected
  • Improved the label selector by clearing the search field after adding a label


  • Fixed an issue where the sound notification was incorrectly ringing for chat conversations
  • Fixed an issue where the read more text went under the content of the message
  • Fixed an issue the preview window would not display all the messages in the conversation
  • Fixed an issue the preview window would sometimes have an incorrect date
  • Fixed an issue where the chat widget would glitch while selecting the comment field

To all our customers who gave feedback: Thank you for helping making Casengo even better!

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