The new solution to online customer service

Emily  | 

Email and chat is like peanut butter and jelly, strawberries and cream, pancakes and maple syrup - great stuff, but they make even greater combinations when put together. When email and chat are fully integrated - and they never were before - they form a dream team. A team that we call hybrid messaging, the future of online customer service. Simply adding a chat tool to a website while using Outlook to handle email queries just won’t do the trick anymore popup: true. Especially for small webshop owners without the budget to staff a dedicated online customer service department, email and chat are ingredients for an inefficient, disjointed service recipe.

That’s why Casengo has made it easy and affordable for you to handle email and chat from a single application - your inbox for everything! The message board (that’s what we call it) feels like your usual chat app, except that you can flexibly switch between chat and email mode depending on you and your customer’s status. The chat mode kicks in when you’re both online: perfect for responding efficiently and engaging in real-time. No more email ping pong! You go into old-fashioned email mode when one of you is offline. Only you’re not that old-fashioned anymore: Casengo organizes every interaction - chat conversations as well as email exchanges - onto a seamless timeline. That’s the end of missing pieces and endless email searches in Outlook. Just retrieve your customer’s history for all the background info you need. You may think email alone is enough. And you may think there’s no way a small webshop can manage live chat. Think again. We promise you - and indeed, our beta testers already confirmed it - that Casengo’s hybrid messaging allows you to flexibly manage online customer service around your schedule. And of course the app offers an extra pair of hands in the form of helpful features: such as the possibility to add canned responses; assign cases to colleagues; and fill a fabulous knowledge base.

Every Casengo package includes these features (not just the Enterprise version), and best of all, the first agent is always FREE! It’s one app for all your needs. And for the needs of your customers, who will definitely love your new way of communicating. Who wouldn’t love the company they’re dealing with to be more responsive, more engaging, more personal? So go on! Turn your static emails into a live tête--tête chat! Turn to Casengo for customer support popup: true.