The Facebook integration for Casengo (coming soon!)

Emily  |

Managing your reputation on Facebook will soon be easier than ever. The new Facebook integration for Casengo, one of the projects we've been working on these past few weeks,will allow you to link your company's Facebook Page popup: true to your Casengo account. When someone posts on your company Page, or responds to one of your own posts, it will appear in your Casengo inbox, allowing you to respond within seconds.The Facebook integration for Casengo will also convert each wall post or comment into a new case, speeding up your response rate dramatically. And it works the other way round, too. Your in-app responses are automatically turned into reactions on your company's Facebook Page, without ever leaving The Casengo application. Sit back and relax - from the end of Summer onwards...
Team Casengo - division Facebook - brainstorming about the new feature. Serious stuff, man!