Running your business using Outlook? Don't anymore.

Emily  | 

Earlier this week, New York Times columnist Nick Bilton wrote “Disruptions: Life’s too Short for so Much Email.”Life is indeed too short for so much email, and I’m sure hundreds of people feel overwhelmed by their inbox as we speak. I confess, I am an email hoarder. There are support groups for hoarders, but in no other area of my life do I hoard, except email. My inbox stacks up with messages I think I may 'need' some day, burying other emails that are actually much more important. I know there are inbox filters and all sort of tools to facilitate ‘Inbox Zero’, but the problem is letting go. And I can't. If you’re an email hoarder like me, running your own business, the consequences could be much more costly.

Time is money, and running your business using Outlook is a money drainer. You need to keep a history of inquiries from your customers, but your inbox is not the place to do so. Moving beyond email and offering instant messaging services will also alleviate that inbox overflow. If it’s anything of importance, your customers will want it in writing. If it isn't, it’s easier for both them and you to simply chat. They get their answer in an instant, and your email stays decongested. If what I’ve said so far resonates with you, you need to jump on the Casengo bandwagon.

Casengo customer support is free to try popup: true, easy to get started, and feels just like you’re working from your email account. But there's a major difference. Each email or chat session is a case that you can prioritize, attach support notes to, and flag as pending, making it easy to find any conversation streams still in progress. Plus, once you’ve ‘resolved’ the case, it’s out of your inbox, but still retrievable for future reference. I think you’ll also appreciate the hybrid messaging and social media features. But don’t take my word for it; see for yourself.