RTL Ventures: 'Casengo looks professional, competitive and attractive'

Emily  | 

Any Dutch dude calling himself an entrepreneur picks up a Quote from time to time. He might not admit this – Holland’s one and only ‘business glossy’ is a little too glossy for some – but believe us: he does. The features he’ll pay most attention to, are Pitch (in which upcoming companies are introduced) and Kickstart (in which a new company explains why it’s looking for external funding). When Quote’s tech reporter called us in February with an interview request, we obviously said yes – even though it meant a dreadfully cold photoshoot on Amsterdam’s Museum Square. So run to your local newsstand right now and get Quote’s April issue! Casengo is featured in Kickstart, on page 50 (next to an amazing ad for a couple of hideous lawn mowers) (FYI: the cheapest model is all yours for €14.999 plus taxes). Just like Sproutdid, Quote asked a venture capital investor to hold our customer service software against the light. This honour was conferred upon Nicolas Eglau from RTL Ventures. His verdict: “The website has a professional character, and short videos explain the concept clearly. The pricing plan seems competitive and attractive. That a company’s first employee can use the product for free, lowers the threshold considerably. Zendesk, a similar system, recently raised 60 million euros for further product development. Major competition! Casengo should quickly expand its business in the home market." Alrighty then!