On scalability and reliability

Emily  | 

Just two years ago, the idea for Casengo popup: true was born: creating an easy but powerful customer support tool for webshops and other small businesses. We unveiled the first version of our application in March 2012, launching out of beta in December 2012. Over 1,600 companies are now using Casengo to gain more happy customers.This fast growth is precisely why we haven’t had a feature update since the one about adding attachments to cases. Casengo is currently

focusing on scalability and reliability rather than on new features. You may be surprised to hear that our product isn’t our number one priority. The happiness of each and every one of our users – that’s our number one priority! And these users wouldn’t be very happy with an application breaking down because of its growing pains, now would they?Our developers have been optimizing Casengo’s memory footprint, making sure that more users can use the application simultaneously without any negative consequences. And they’ve been busy ‘load testing’, pushing the system to its limits – and stretching those limits while they were at it.We’re almost done with these scalability and reliability operations. New features are coming up soon. Prepare yourself for a powerful way to plan and schedule everything you agreed to with your customers: the
schedule a follow up feature. We're also working on another feature to simplify your life: if you use other tools to gather contact information, Casengo can soongenerate custom URLs in your contact pane to look up all kind of details in just a single click.Check in soon for more details!