New feature: adding your own input fields

Emily  |

Post-its, clothes pegs, paperclips - it’s the simple things that make life easier. So here’s a little somethingwe developed to simplify your customer service: a custom input field in your contact panel. That'sthe part in which you enter your customers’ data: their name, email address, phone number, company name and a note about each of them. Pretty straightforward.

How to add input fields

Now it’s also possible to add your own input field.Say you want to add a Customer ID or a job title to each of your contacts. Open Casengo popup: true, go the Admin Site, click on Contact Panel in the General tab, and hit the first green button: “Add input field.” You can add as many of these as you'd like.

The green button underneath - “Add custom URL” - is even more exciting. But that one is a little more complicated; we’ll talk you through it in another post. Cheers!