Meet Elise, Casengo’s new office superstar!

Emily  |’s another new face in the Casengo office, and her name’s Elise Schuuring. Elise is Casengo’s new HR and Office Manager, and a welcome female presence in an office dominated by men - a sweet-smelling rose amongst thorns. Elise runs a tight ship from her grand central control desk: between the office financials and employee contracts, she is constantly spinning many plates. “The wide variety of the role was a big attraction for me when choosing to join Casengo. I've been here for a couple of weeks now, and I haven't been bored for a minute.” The big question is: where will the ‘big mama’ desk sit in Casengo’s new office? One of Elise's latest tasks is sourcing Casengo’s new office space. She's been covering more square Amsterdam miles than the postman. (Stay tuned for the office unveiling!) Fortunately our resident cat lover is light on her feet, thanks to regular lyrical jazz and hip hop dance sessions. Maybe it’s time for an office dance battle, Rum DMC style? IT guys, any takers? Don’t be fooled into thinking Elise is a pushover: outside of work, she studies Labour Law. She wants to be an HR Specialist, so you can be sure we now consider every sick day very seriously. "Casengo is a great start for developing my human resources expertise. Plus the business adminstration facets of the job utilise my degree in Management, Economics and Law.” Yes, Elise is one very busy lady. But it's not all work: she enjoys the odd visit to the cinema to wind down. If you have any recommendations for a good drama or comedy film, please feel free to mention it in the comments section.