“Making people happy” Inside Casengo #3

Emily  | 

Rheinhard Sumule (1987) is our globetrotting Back-End Developer. Before settling in the Netherlands, he lived in different parts of Indonesia and Australia - which is why he can crack jokes in three languages and easily converses with anyone from all walks of life - a handy by-product, he admits, of having the travel bug. That’s fortunate for us, as Team Casengo is an international one! “I love the startup environment,” Rheinhard admits. “It’s so much more flexible, without hierarchy and complex procedures that slow down decision-making... You get to know the people inside the company better. Plus, with established products, you spend a lot of time fixing or adapting someone else’s code, while here we get to make our own stuff, and learn new techniques.

From a developer’s point of view, that’s just great.” Rheinhard rotates from his core focus - back-end development - to front-end coding and scrum master responsibilities, and explains that this ‘variety’ is another benefit of working for Casengo. “Taking your turn as Scrum Master is very exciting. It’s very hands-on and requires different skills because it’s more about managing the process than the technical input.” This working style is similar to Rheinhard’s music taste, which he describes as eclectic. He’s happy to slot in where his expertise is required, much the same as he’s happy to play song requests when playing guitar and keyboards with his band. “As long as it makes people happy, it makes me happy.”