Infographic: how social are CRM companies truly?

Emily  |

Most CRM companies like to call themselves social. But when it comes down to it, are they as social as they claim to be? We at Casengo popup: true thought it was high time to find out. So we created a new index to objectively determine how social a company truly is: the Casengo Social Index (CSI). A company’s CSI is calculated by dividing the number of its fans on Facebook and Twitter through the number of its employees active on LinkedIn. Our new infographic illustrates that legacy CRM companies (SAP, Oracle, eGain) are 100x less social than ‘social’ CRM providers (Freshdesk, Casengo, Zendesk). That didn't surprise us at all: customer relationship management (CRM) is no longer just about dealing with data or information. In the age of Facebook and Twitter, the human touch is crucial, conversations and connections counting more than ever. Enough chitchat! Hit the infographic below popup: true and click again to zoom in, and discover the CSI of all major CRM companies plus of various non-CRM brands such as Apple and Google. Hint: the most social company is definitely not Microsoft. And it's not Salesforce either...

PS Casengo itself boasts a respectable CSI of 235. As our founder always says: "Being social is more than just marketing speak. It's a company attitude." Mint!

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