Routing and case owner settings

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  • You can now choose a routing mode for your live conversations. Live conversation routing has two modes, Normal and Availability. In Normal mode new chat messages from customers will send notifications to all agents. In Availability mode, chat conversations are put in a queue. Agents can pull chats from this queue. Agents will only receive notifications about chat cases which they own. Read more.
  • You can now choose if the first agent who opens the case becomes the owner automatically. These settings are accessible via Admin > Knowledge Base > Settings.


  • Improved search results in quick search by ordering them from new to old
  • Improved the speed of autosaving in compose messsage area so that when you switch cases your input is stored locally


  • Fixed an issue where phone number and company were not editable
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the close icon of a notification redirected to the inbox