Facebook: small biz friendly with ‘Want’ button?

Emily  | 

Love it or hate it, Facebook has an amazing following. According to Mashable, the number of users will surpass 1 Billion in August this year!

Despite being big business, Facebook could offer a fresh opportunity for small businesses to capitalize on niche markets with a ‘want’ button plugin. To us, that's an additional reason to adopt social CRM. Finally, a Facebook update that gets the ‘plus 1’ (yep, stole that one from Google). Inside Facebook wrote of a ‘Want’ button plugin, similar to the ‘Like’ button, in testing.

Sure, there will masses of teens using the ‘want’ button for the latest Nike sneaker that syncs to your iPhone, refrigerator and your e-wallet (ok, a slight exaggeration here about the sneaker, but nagging parents for the latest sneaker will definitely go online). However, there will also be discerning consumers using ‘want’ to pre-order goods from niche e-tailers.The ‘want’ sentiment could be applied to startup ideas (the first sanity check if the idea is viable); Valentine’s Day gift campaigns (who needs subtlety, let that special someone know the gift you want by having the ‘want’ update appear in their newsfeed); and virtually any idea, product or service on offer. Now, if only they could include a rating capability for even greater customer insight...