Effective case management with Casengo

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casengo.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/cross-channels-image.jpgCompanies of all sizes use Casengo to meet their communication needs. And whilst the needs of larger contact centres may be more extensive than those of small webshop owners, these case management tips offer something for everyone. Notifications Notifications are excellent to alert you of incoming messages without keeping your eyes peeled on The Casengo application. Choose to be alerted via email or sound alarm - great for responding to customers from your smartphone or tablet when you’re on the go. To set up notifications simply click on the ‘agent settings’ link from the inbox screen and choose your preferences. Classifications In The Casengo application, each new case is marked as ‘new’ until someone opens it. As soon as you respond to it, its status turns into ‘pending’. When the customer responds, the case automatically gets an ‘open’ status. Once both you and your customer are satisfied, you close the case and it gets a ‘resolved’ status. And resolved cases automatically get a ‘closed’ status if nobody picks up the conversation again within three days. Closed cases cannot be reopened again; any new messages from that customer will turn into a new case, which is the starting signal for a whole new classification process. Classifying unresolved cases with their status - new, open, pending - and their priority - low, medium, high - will ensure you never forget to follow up, and you can prioritise which cases to follow up on first. Classifications are the core of Casengo. Labels When you’re assigning a case to a colleague, you could add a note to the case. However, if the case falls under a common category, it would be simpler and faster to add a label to it. Frequently used labels include: - sales lead - complaint - product enquiry - account enquiry - feedback / suggestion - escalation - SPAM - exchange / refund / cancellation - delivery enquiry You can create labels in the ‘Admin Site’ under the ‘General’ tab, option: ‘Labels’. Haven’t discovered Casengo yet?Sign up now popup: true for a 30-day trial account by leaving your company name and email address to the right of this blog. Trial accounts are free! And after the 30-day period, your first agent is on us, too. More happy customers!****