Better security and improved performance

Ernst  | 

As you may have noticed we had performance issues in the last few days. This happened because Amazon pushed a security update to fix the Intel security issues Meltdown and Spectre on our servers.

As a result we had a major performance capacity problem. To remedy this, we’ve improved all our servers with the newest and fastest CPU’s.

The migration took 31 minutes and made our application 800% faster.

We will not stop here. We have already invested in moving to the newest top-notch server architecture to create even more headroom for security patches from AWS/Intel that may slow down our servers in the future.

We will keep pushing hard on security and performance. Two important areas for Casengo.

We hope that you didn’t have to many issues while the application was slow or unavailable. We communicated everything as soon as we could.

For more information about the security issues please go to:

Thank you for your patience!