Add cc'd contacts quickly in a reply and new options menu

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  • You can now add all email contacts (TO, CC and BCC) of a existing message to your new draft. This makes sure that you don't forget to add a contact to a reply and saves you time for not having to add contacts manually.


  • We have increased the width for the case subject. The transcript and collaborator buttons are now in the options menu on the right of the case status.

The transcript options allows an agent to send a transcript to the customer or any other other contacts. Recipients can not reply to the transcript.

Collaborator options allows an agent to invite a third-party to help with the case. The collaborator will receive an email with the case information and additional comments the agent may have added.

The collaborator can reply immediately from his email client to the agent. The customer will not see the message.


  • We fixed an issue where a many contact names in the CC would break the contact information pop-up.