A new design for Casengo's inbox and case pages

Ernst  | 

Design update:

  • New design elements. We introduced new look and feel of the app with fresh style elements and more balanced color palette, making the interface more appealing and consistent over all.
  • Timeline & stacked messages. Chat conversations take way less space, because we now stack all chat messages in such a way that the dates are now obvious at a single glance.
  • New avatars. It’s now a lot easier to distinguish between conversation participants, whether they’re colleagues or customers. We used colours, patterns and initials to make clearer distinctions between avatars.
  • Improved related conversations. You can now easily preview and navigate old conversations whilst responding to the customer - without leaving the current conversation. No need to open and switch between tabs.
  • Quick collaboration. The forward case button is now in a more prominent place so you can easily invite others to help you answer your customers.
  • Email delivery verification. We removed the email delivery verification icon. We’re happy to say it had turned into an obsolete detail: over the last 6 months, our email solution shows a 99.98% correct delivery figure. So from now on, you’ll only notice an icon if an email was not delivered - which rarely happens.


  • Big counts in inbox are now in K's (999+) for teams and filters
  • Avatar now has an online indicator
  • Contact column in inbox now shows an avatar
  • Prevent navigation for label selector and other pop-up menu's resulting in undesired navigation
  • User menu now opens on click only to prevent mis-clicks
  • Unassigned is renamed to Unassigned Channels and is now at the bottom of the inbox list
  • Forward case is now collaborator case and moved to the middle for immediate access


  • Fixed an issue where attached labels from chat widget are not visible for new cases in case list
  • Fixed an issue where load more messages should keep the messages loaded inside a case when switching
  • Fixed an issue where the 'needs a reply' icon does not show correctly for newly created cases while in case list