Business Support WhatsApp gains ground

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WhatsApp is hot. In early April, the company announced [800 million active users] ( to have attracted, including over 9.5 million in the Netherlands . WhatsApp is also in the business segment increasingly popular. Good news for Facebook shareholders, but also for customer service managers: the interest and audience for WhatsApp customer service is growing by the day - also in the Netherlands!

Research firm MultiScope did study of more than 1300 Dutch consumenten the use of WhatsApp. Conclusion: 90% of smartphone owners use the app on active basis, and eight in ten Dutch have WhatsApp in the favorite dock or on the home screen.

Dutch WhatsAppers average daily receive 65 messages and send them there 30. Especially consumers aged 18 to 34 regularly use the application. And almost half of them communicates with companies like via WhatsApp.

No wonder companies are increasingly WhatsApp use as customer contact channel. Where this was back a couple of years especially reserved for large companies such as KLM and T-Mobile can now also medium and small batches easy to get started with easy and accessible applications such as Casengo.

The strength of support WhatsApp

The benefits of WhatsApp for Dutch companies are great:

  • WhatsApp supports pictures - and sometimes a picture says a thousand words. Better communication and customer service so!
  • Unlike Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp has a closed character. Conversations are therefore completely private.
  • WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication channels in the Netherlands.
  • As a company, you stand literally in the friends list of your customer: You can not get more personal.

The growth and interest will only grow. Facebook has indicated they would like to attract 1 billion active users on WhatsApp. Will therefore be continued!

Also offer customer service to WhatsApp!

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