Happy customer story: Totaal VvE Beheer

One of Casengo’s very first users is not a web store at all, but a company that takes care of all management-related tasks for Homeowners’ Associations. Although Casengo is the most logical solution for companies that sell products online, the application is also very interesting to anyone who deals with customers, such as Totaal VvE Beheer.

Alain Mulder, the company’s founder, was invited to be a beta tester in early 2012. He declined the invitation. ‘I was too busy. But when, a few months later, I received a complaint from a customer because I had overlooked an email of his yet again, I decided to create a Casengo account. We soon received compliment after compliment about our “super-fast service”.’

Everything in the cloud

Two colleagues have now joined the company. ‘Danny came aboard in early 2013 and handles our customers’ structural requests. When I showed him the application he said: “You can do stuff with this!” Our third colleague, who is often on the road, also took to the application immediately. Chatting to a customer while sitting in the train – isn’t that just brilliant?’

Since Casengo is cloud-based, it is highly beneficial for the busy guys over at VvE Beheer. They’re hardly ever to be found at the office together. Internal memos about phone calls –’X called and wants to hear from you ASAP’ – are shared via Casengo. ‘No more annoying Post-its that you forget to take along with you… We have everything at our fingertips and can always be to the point. My laptop has nothing on it; everything is in the cloud.’

Anyone seeking a quick response from Alain used to reach him through his private email address. ‘No-one does that any more. Only our general information address is linked to Casengo, and we do not miss a single email there. Our customers realise that now. Thanks to both the macros and the overview, we can handle many more emails in less time. We can also keep track of invoices far more effectively now, which is certainly not unimportant!’

Higher productivity

Alain finishes off his day with half an hour of “email elimination”. ‘Boosting my productivity by clicking “close & resolve” gives me quite a boost!’ When that’s done, he takes a look in the “Today” folder. ‘I regard that folder as a personal scoreboard. How many cases did I answer today? Wonderful.’ He glances through the ‘Pending’ folder twice a week. ‘We no longer miss a single email. We just cannot make do without Casengo anymore.’

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